We pride ourselves on providing creative solutions to help



We have experience with setting up and development of digital currencies/cryto currencies

Business Services

We offer a range of solutions bringing your ideas to life allowing you to focus on growing your business

Internal Systems and Backend CRM

We bespoke workflow management systems to automate your business working with the latest CRM solutions to handle your business requirements

FinTech and Financial Services

We understand the strict compliance requirements and challenges faced by regulated firms and FinTech Companies

Event Project Management

We have worked with global brands in providing technology solutions to assist with event management

Technology Startups

We understand the requirements of start ups and take away the hassles with back-end systems, web and mobile applications to help you grow and establish your business

Business Communication and Project Management.Infinite possibilities. Endless opportunities.


Here at Nine Six One we believe good business relationships should be like a happy marriage based on loyalty, commitment and mutual attraction.

Our irresistible charm lies in our reputation for quality, innovation and career development.

Through shared goals and a desire to meet new challenges, we hope to build lasting relationships with both our customers and our suppliers.

Our core business is Technology, and back-end workflow management systems (CRM). We help businesses run their business by providing solutions that help you focus on what you are best at, whilst helping you to grow.

Natural progression for us was more services maximising our own technologies.


We help businesses maximise technology. We have established an extensive international network around the globe using key partners in perspective markets. We aim to continue to develop and challenge the latest in technology to maintain a unique range of products and services helping you work smarter, and helping you stand out from your competition. We work with clients around the world in locations including the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, Isle of Man, Jersey, Hong Kong and USA.

Our goal is to provide a unique range of products and services through multi-channel commerce solutions to individuals, small business, corporations and other organisations. We cover financial services, technology, start-ups with a consultative approach.

From day one we have continually provided clients, large and small with solutions that surpass their expectations, enhance brand perception, generate revenue and provide maximum return on investment.


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